TECH Fort Worth is a non-profit organization that has been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow emerging technology companies since 1998. We identify entrepreneurs and startup companies with technologies that have a high potential for success in the marketplace and mentor, coach, and relentlessly push them toward success. Where and when appropriate we match the resources of the community with the passion of entrepreneurs to extend the support system necessary to nurture the startup and growth of the companies.

TECH Fort Worth Vision

TECH Fort Worth’s Vision is to foster a global family of entrepreneurs who through their success make the world a better place.

TECH Fort Worth Mission

At TECH Fort Worth we see our Mission as being entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs commercialize innovative technologies without taking equity.

Strategic Objectives of TECH Fort Worth

Give New Companies Solid Roots

By attracting the desired target clients for our programs, utilizing our programs and resources to help them grow, and making it attractive for them to remain in the community.

Support a Healthy Ecosystem for Technology-Based Entrepreneurship

By building our relationships in the region and addressing gaps that limit entrepreneurial success.

Be Recognized for Excellence in Commercial Acceleration 

By our clients and graduates, by our peer group, and by our partners and community, using outreach to tell our story.