Aeroblaze heats up the competition New startup offers only aerospace flammability testing in DFW

Though one’s chances of dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million, The Travel Channel tells us 40 percent of airline passengers are afraid of flying.

People might be less afraid if they knew Andrew Feghali. His Aeroblaze Laboratory’s job is to make sure the interior materials in the planes meet safety regulations in case of fire.

There are only a handful of aerospace flammability testing labs nationwide, and Feghali, Aeroblaze CEO and lab manager, says his company offers something no one else does. “We have the fastest turnaround time,” he said. “We have a two-day turnaround. Typically, you’ll see three to five days or longer.” The company, located in far north Fort Worth, also offers competitive pricing and a completely online system from request to data delivery.

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