Approximately 10 million Americans are evaluated each year for swallowing difficulties. Ampcare was established in order to help patients rehabilitate and regain the ability to swallow. We develop therapeutic neuromuscular stimulation technologies for the treatment of dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties. Our unique treatment approach will allow for safer oral intake of food and liquid.

Dysphagia is a hard to manage medical condition and is generally caused by a neurological disorder or event, such as a stroke, progressive neurological disease or head and neck cancer.  Without proper management, dysphagia can lead to choking initially and progress to chronic malnutrition, aspiration pneumonia (i.e. caused by food or liquid going into the lungs), life-threatening dehydration, an increased rate of infection, longer hospital stays, long-term institutional care and even death. Hence, successful swallowing therapy is essential to improve the health status and the quality of life in people with dysphagia. Currently, compensatory strategies such as diet modifications and swallowing maneuvers are the first choice of speech therapists to manage this disorder but if the condition is severe a feeding tube is recommended. Many patients that are not satisfied with their current therapy seek alternative treatments for their condition.

Given the competitive advantages of Ampcare’s device in conjunction with compensatory strategies and over the current surgical treatment options, it is anticipated that Ampcare’s technique will be widely utilized domestically and internationally. Our vision is deliver positive patient outcomes and innovative products specifically designed to meet the needs of the patient, medical professional, and payer by improving the options and availability of dysphagia treatment techniques.

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