eMist Innovations

emist innovations logoE-Mist Innovations (Touch Point Healthy) offers a fully advanced approach to applying disinfectant, sanitizing, and antimicrobial products to surfaces. Electrostatic technology is not new technology, but E-Mist has innovated sanitizing and disinfecting with the creation of a one-of-a-kind electrostatic mister. The charging of water droplets containing disinfectants and antimicrobials makes it possible for them to fully cover three-dimensional surfaces. The design combines speed of application with all of the benefits of thorough, three-dimensional coverage while using a lower volume of cleaning solutions. The new mister design does not require an outside power source, making it more reliable to deliver the job quickly without being held back by an unavailable power source. Our proven two-step process is resulting in bio-film destructions as well as the prevention of the return of the condition for up to 30 days after the initial service. The E-mist process removes the bio-film host, so pathogens and toxins cannot reoccur.

At E-Mist Innovations we use only the best technology to achieve our goals and to provide the best service to our clients. We are a professional disinfecting company whose primary function is to help promote and achieve the health and wellness of our clients by utilizing our proven electrostatic mister technology. Our two-stage application of EPA approved and labeled disinfectants and antimicrobials provides speed and results second to none.

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