Innovative Monitoring Solutions

Innovative Monitoring Solutions, LLC, has developed HVAC MONEY TRAC to help owners of commercial HVAC facilities reduce operating and capital expense.  This internet based system allows tracking and reporting of water and energy consumption, corrosion monitoring, micro-bio control, and chemical treatment at a level of detail similar to expensive high-end management applications.

HVAC MONEY TRAC tracks BTU distribution in steam boilers and cooling systems, steam trap performance, boiler burner efficiency, air quality, and other data needed to maximize system efficiency.  Utilizing “what if” programming, HVAC MONEY TRAC provides cost analyses and projections needed to effectively budget facility operations.  Our model allows mid-market companies to use proper engineering analysis of their HVAC costs without the need to purchase expensive software.

David Hurt developed this system after 42 years of field and management experience in the HVAC industry.

Contact: David Hurt
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