Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS) is a science-based consulting and training service in the area of Integral Organizational Wellness™. The workplace-whether a large corporation or small business—plays an important role in the health and well-being of working adults as well as their families. In turn, the health of workers has a tremendous effect on workplace productivity and bottom-line results.

Vision: In our increasingly fast-paced culture, organizations need innovative ways to create or maintain a healthy environment and still realize profit. We partner with worksites to offer comprehensive, modular, and customized programs that inspire renewable vitality, productivity, and sense of organizational community. By integrating learning, productivity, and health, organizational members—at individual, group, and global levels—experience a renewed sense of growth and quality in their work, in life, and work-life synergy.

Mission: To enhance the well-being and continuous learning capacity of organizations, their cultures, the people who work in them, and their families. We facilitate transformative experiences in the workplace and community environment that engender wholeness and presence in the work-life sphere.

Contact: Joel Bennet, PhD
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