American Remembrance

American RemembranceAt American Remembrance, we take pride in making funeral homes more successful. Our goal is to drive local business to your funeral home and away from your competitors. This is 100% possible no matter how good or bad your current situation is, and can be accomplished by building an online presence, streamlining your marketing and offering a better value.

Our mission is to make the newest web and marketing technologies available and useful to the bereavement industry. Our technology is unmatched and we guarantee that we will be able to generate and track more leads than you ever thought possible.

We also find ways to provide your customers more value, which enables you to get and keep business while generating more revenue. Our Enduring Legacy program, when implemented correctly can increase your earnings per burial by at least 10%.

Whether we like it or not, the bereavement services industry is changing. The stakeholders are growing more competitive and the market increasingly relies on digital media. Are you ready for it?

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