BAP Image Systems

BAP Image Systems GmbH (BAPis) is due to its long experience one of the best and most qualified technology suppliers for electronic for color cameras, fast image processing boards, DSP algorithms and Data capture systems for the production of travel documents. Furthermore BAPis customizes the firmware according to the costumer requirements and develops drivers and interfaces for application programs.

BAPis was incorporated in year 2000, for the specialized business of high-speed color data capture and processing. This hardware and software technology has been used in a variety of mechanical transports and scanners. The applications are adapted for solutions in medical, financial and government domains. The hardware and software solutions are an integral part of the high-speed scanner, which opens a new world of application possibilities.

The image processing algorithms are components from file converter. The images, even from a medical domain, can be compressed lossy and lossless in DICOM format.

Contact: Peter Bonk, PhD
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