Resonant Sensors

Discover the next generation of label-freesensor technology.

Resonant Sensors Incorporated (RSI) was founded 2004. The innovative sensor technology that is core to all RSI products applies proprietary guided-mode resonance (GMR) sensing methods invented by RSI founders (Debra Wawro Weidanz, CEO and Chief Scientist and Dr. Robert Magnusson, Chief Technology Officer), and is exclusively licensed to RSI from the University of Texas at Arlington.


In our approach, nanostructured resonant sensors are illuminated with light and the optical response is tracked in real time as a biochemical interaction occurs. Bioselective receptors (such as antibodies, cells, aptamers, peptides, DNA/RNA and others) are immobilized on the sensor surface. The binding interaction can be monitored directly, without the need for chemical labels (such as fluorescence, absorption or others). Test time is limited solely by the chemical binding dynamics between the receptor and its target.

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