Diaper Bag ‘Engineered for Parents’ Takes Baby Steps with Kickstarter Campaign

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Sarinya or Glen Oliver

Email: Info@rdy4it.com

ARLINGTON, TX. — Sarinya and Glen Oliver, engineers that met at The University of Texas at Arlington, will debut July 20th their Kickstarter campaign of the Aspen Tyke Traveler Diaper Bag. The diaper bag offers an integrated checklist and organization system that guides new parents in what to pack.

The Olivers are Kickstarting their first full production run of the Aspen Tyke Traveler. To access the campaign, including their creative “How to survive the zombie apocalypse with the right diaper bag” video, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/927162901/1110142099?token=b96d1c68.

The Olivers formed Rdy4it in 2016 and have been clients of TECH Fort Worth. The husband-and-wife engineers “are constantly looking for better ways to do things, better systems for getting things done and better products to make life easier and more productive.”

Aspen Tyke Traveler Diaper Bag is a result of that philosophy intersecting with the birth of their son, Alex, in 2010. “Between all the baby items that needed to be brought everywhere and then trying to find them when needed made us think there must be a better way,” Sarinya Oliver said.

The Aspen Tyke Traveler is the first diaper bag, change station and compartmentalized organization system all-in-one for parents and baby needs. Its versatility and strong exterior enable a diaper bag to become a backpack and even a travel bag as your baby becomes a kid and then a teen.

Diaper? Wipes? Pacifier? Car keys? Phone? Find it easily with The Aspen Tyke Traveler multiple pockets, see-through mesh pocket covers, zipper and elastic closings, and an organizing system.

The Aspen Tyke Traveler comes with an integrated, waterproof change pad that easily can be removed for cleaning. The change pad flips open with one hand so you don’t have to lay your child down until you are ready.

The outer fabric of the bag is water resistant. On the sides of the bag are two insulated pockets for storing liquids. The Aspen Tyke Traveler has a clear plastic pocket in the bottom of the bag to store your creams and liquids safely from other items. There even is a place to store plastic bags to dispose of dirty diapers until you can find a trash can!

The Aspen Tyke Traveler is a life-time bag for your busy lifestyle. You may need the convenience of a shoulder bag or you may prefer a back pack to go arms free. The Aspen Tyke Traveler is both. The Aspen Tyke Traveler is sized to fit under the seat when flying and remains fully accessible because of the top flap.