Getting a product to market: Q&A with Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin of Eosera

Named after the Greek goddess of dawn and the word time, Eosera Inc. represents a time for new beginnings for the co-founders and focuses on healing humans.

The co-founders of the Fort Worth-based company are CEO Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin, chief scientific officer, and while Griffin says his skills are on the scientific side, Dickerson’s skills are in commercialization and marketing.

Eosera is the biotechnology company that created Earwax MD, an earwax dissolvent product that the news release said was sold out on Amazon Exclusives in the first month after it was released in May. During the development process, they worked with groups such as TMAC (Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center) and TECH Fort Worth. They both took time to talk with The Fort Worth Business Press about creating the product.

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