Acceleration Program

The Acceleration Program at TECH Fort Worth is designed for early stage companies that are commercializing new and unique technologies. Qualified companies will have rights to a proprietary and commercially viable technology and a feasible business model. During the Acceleration Program client companies receive assistance with:

  • Attaining community visibility
  • Creating a business infrastructure
  • Developing a management team
  • Recruiting external advisors
  • Accessing appropriate funding

In addition, companies accepted into the Acceleration Program are able to lease space within a TECH Fort Worth facility. These facilities include office at the Guinn School Gymnasium and wet labs in the Acceleration Lab at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Both facilities offer tenants access to conference rooms and shared office equipment.

Acceleration clients of TECH Fort Worth have quarterly strategic planning meetings with the staff. These meetings provide the client companies with an executable “map” of all of their business strategies. The meetings focus on the fine tuning of the strategies, clarification of goals, identification of meaningful performance measures, and timing for implementation.

CEO Retreats are held quarterly with all of the CEOs enrolled in the Acceleration Program. These retreats are held offsite. Each CEO presents a current issue their business is having and poses it to the group. Each member of the roundtable gives feedback on the presented issue and offers advice based on their previous experiences.

TECH Fort Worth utilizes a marketing consultant who has extensive experience in public relations and media to assist clients with marketing and PR strategies. This consultant also assists Acceleration clients to draft press releases and get news disseminated to different media outlets.

TECH Fort Worth introduces its client companies to professional service providers when needs arise. TECH Fort Worth staff will coach and role model the selection process for the client companies when they need external advisors. In addition, TECH Fort Worth will also make introduction to potential employees, advisory board members, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

For Acceleration companies that require external funding, TECH Fort Worth will assist them in preparing and presenting their pitch to third party investors. TECH Fort Worth has established relationships with angel networks throughout the state, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant writers.

The Acceleration Program of TECH Fort Worth is designed to provide support to technology startups that are beginning to execute their strategies for a high growth business. Success in the TECH Fort Worth Acceleration Program leads to the company’s launch into the Fort Worth business community.  The cost of the program is $5,000 per year ($1,250 per quarter).