Program Overview

ThinkLab is your personal investment into the foundations of your technology venture and skill development as a founder and entrepreneur.

Our ThinkLab program is a structured deep dive for founders into:

  • Mapping out the value proposition for your technology idea
  • Customer development and validation of the customer’s pain – More “bleeding by the neck” instead of “stubbed a toe” type of pain
  • Validating your technology with your potential customers and avoiding “Right Tech, Wrong Time” before investing more time and money
  • Mapping out your path to market
  • Developing your story and pitch “arsenal” for early stakeholders and early adopters
  • Determining to proceed, pivot or shelve your idea

By design, the ThinkLab program helps founders and entrepreneurs determine whether there is sufficient value to pursue a product or service idea, identify potential markets, develop a path to market strategy, and learn how to communicate the value of the idea to early stakeholders and adopters.

Fall 2018 Cohort Schedule

Fridays, 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Starts: August 17, 2018

ThinkLab is for:

  • First-time founders
  • Serial founders with a new idea or concept
  • Researchers and scientists interested in commercializing a discovery or research hypothesis

Methodologies used in ThinkLab include:

Admission Criteria

  • Founder must own, have licensed, or be working on proprietary technology or some technology or process with a (high) barrier to entry. Industry knowledge is a plus.
  • Founder must sign the client engagement agreement which includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement.
  • Founder must agree to attend workshops and complete the content within 16 weeks. Program length is 6 to 16 weeks (self-paced.)
  • Founder must pay the program fee of $1,000.

Workshop Content

Unit 1: Big Picture & Visual Language

Unit 2: Problem Validation & Value Proposition

Unit 3: Customer Discovery & Development

Unit 4: Customer Development Cont.: Product-Market Fit?

Unit 5: Business Model Canvas

Unit 6: Path to Market

Unit 7: Competitive Edge

Unit 8: Financial Forecasting

Unit 9: Go-To-Market Plan

Unit 10: Storyboarding

Unit 11: Execution: Gaps & Blind Spots

Unit 12: Presentations

Client Benefits

  • Weekly 3 hour workshops with significant work outside the workshops.
  • Skills training and toolkit development to engage potential stakeholders.
  • Weekly Office Hours with professional services partners (attorneys, CPAs, etc.)
  • Use of TechFW facilities (conference rooms, open workspace, etc.) as available.


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