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Program Overview

The ThinkLab program is designed to help the founder or entrepreneur determine whether there is sufficient value to pursue a product or service idea, identify potential markets, develop a path to market strategy, and learn how to communicate the value of the idea to early stakeholders and adopters. This program is about an idea, not a company, helping the client develop the insights necessary to determine whether to proceed, pivot, shelve, or abandon the idea. If the decision is to proceed, the strategies developed in the workshops will serve as the roadmap for the company or the licensing strategy. ThinkLab is iterative and FastForward program clients are allowed to participate with new product/service ideas in the program.

Admission Criteria

  • Founder must own, have licensed, or be working on proprietary technology or some technology or process with a high barrier to entry.
  • Founder must agree to attend workshops.
  • Founder must pay program fee of $1,000.
  • Founder must sign the client engagement agreement which includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

ThinkLab Program Incentives

  • Clients who are ThinkLab Graduates within 12 weeks of starting the program and whom in their presentation is able to convince TechFW to become an early stakeholder will be accepted in the SmartStart Additionally, such ThinkLab graduates shall receive:
    • $1,000 credit towards the SmartStart Program
    • 3 months free rent (space available)

Program Delivery Method and Client Benefits

  • Weekly 3 hour workshops with significant work outside the workshops.
  • Skills training to engage potential stakeholders.
  • Weekly Office Hours with professional services partners (attorneys, CPAs, etc.)
  • Use of TechFW facilities (conference rooms, open work space, etc.) as available.
  • Uses Wendy Kennedy’s So what? Who cares? Why you?® Methodology 
  • Program length is 6 to 16 weeks (self-paced).


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