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What is TECH Nest?

TECH Nest consists of two separate but complementary activities:

  • Monthly working lunches with topics critical to technology entrepreneurs
  • Quarterly networking events, which provide entrepreneurs with credible networking opportunities

Membership is exclusive: only technology entrepreneurs and investors may join. Sponsoring companies are allowed to send a limited number of attendees to events, and selling at TECH Nest events is not allowed.

Working Lunches
The monthly “working lunches” will be held on the third Tuesday of every month at the TECH Fort Worth offices from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Topics will be based on issues that directly impact the success and growth of technology-based start-up companies.

These luncheons will be open to members and non-members alike. Luncheon fee includes lunch and learning materials.

Quarterly Networking
One of the biggest “gaps” for a technology start-up is credible networking opportunities. Having access to peers, potential investors, and others in similar circumstances is invaluable, and difficult to find.

The quarterly TECH Nest events will provide members with an opportunity to meet potential investors, brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, and have quality peer-to-peer discussions. Supporting organizations, accredited investors, and a limited number of sponsors will be allowed to attend as well.

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